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Since 2012, we have successfully run 12 expeditions and raised well over USD 1,400,000 to support organisations that advance the position of women around the world.


Women on a Mission (WOAM) organises challenging expeditions, dynamic marketing campaigns and events to raise awareness and funds for women survivors of war, and to support and empower women who have been subjected

to violence and abuse.


Challenging Expeditions

We organise expeditions and awareness campaigns to increase visibility and raise funds for causes that support and empower abused women and women survivors of war around the world. As of today, we have successfully run ten physically demanding expeditions to remote and majestic locations including Siberia, Everest Base Camp and the Lut desert of Iran.

Charity Partners

We partner with existing, well-established non-profit institutions supporting women survivors of wars and those who have endured violence, abuse and discrimination. Our carefully selected charities all have well-run programmes and structures in place to empower girls and women to help them secure a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Fundraising Events

We craft unique fundraising events in collaboration with renowned artists, extraordinary adventurers and inspirational world-class speakers. No two events are the same. We make it a point to take charity out of the ballroom and deliver a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Talks & Workshops

WOAM's teammates give regular TED-style talks and workshops to corporates and institutions in Singapore. On the ground, we set up motivational talks, leadership & entrepreneurship training, gender equality awareness workshops reaching over 500+ women in Singapore and Nepal.


1 in 3 WOMEN experiences sexual or physical violence in her lifetime

2 million WOMEN & GIRLS are trafficked annually

Worldwide up to 50% of sexual assaults are committed against YOUNG GIRLS

2/3 of children denied primary education are GIRLS

WOMEN'S nominal wages are 17% lower than men's

"Whether at home, on the streets or during war, violence against women is a global pandemic that takes place in public and private spaces. Together we can and must end this pandemic"

UN WOMEN, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

We are a group of passionate women who are lucky to live privileged lives and strongly believe that with such good fortune, comes great responsibility. Since 2012 we have applied determination and drive to making a difference in the lives of women who are deprived of the most basic freedom: the right to live in peace and happiness with their loved ones, the right to education and self-accomplishment, the right to live with respect and decency, the right to dream.


WOAM does not build infrastructure in countries we work with. Rather, we collaborate closely with other organisations that have an ‘on the ground’ presence and expertise in their field. Our partners are existing, well-established, non-profit institutions that have targetted programmes and structures in place dedicated to serving the underprivileged. 

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"The power of the Women on a Mission network is truly outstanding – from organising treks to far-flung corners of the earth, to leveraging their contacts to provide matched funding! the WOAM team are fantastic advocates for our work with women.”

Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive Director, Women for Women International – UK 


Sept 2023

Namibia Desert Trek

17 women from 12 countries became the first all-female team to cross the Namib Desert on foot. Over five days and six nights under challenging conditions, our WOAM team covered 144 km and scaled a cumulative elevation of 4,188 meters of sand dunes while raising $70,000 for Women for Women International, our charity partner for 12 years. Our crossing ended at the historic Eduard Bohlen Shipwreck on the Skeleton Coast. Post-expedition, the team visited Penduka in Namibia, a women's centre for survivors of domestic violence.

June 2018

Mongolia Expedition

During this expedition, our WOAM team successfully summited two iconic peaks over 3,300 metres and galloped across the huge open plains on Nomadic Mongolian horses. Overall, we crossed 900 km of terrain on foot, on horseback and sturdy Russian minivans, dating back to the 1960s. We endured bone-chilling temperatures of -17 degrees Celsius and 90km/h winds. Our trip culminated with a visit of the NCAV, or the Centre Against Violence in Ulaanbaatar.

June 2017

Sands of Time Event

Another spectacular Persian-themed, desert-style fundraising evening right on the beach in Sentosa to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged and troubled women and girls in Singapore and Iran. The event was also the ideal occasion to celebrate WOAM’s fifth year anniversary and share the team’s unique life experience of becoming the first all-female team in history to cross Iran’s Dasht-e-Lut desert on foot. 

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May 2016

FROZEN Fundraising Event

Our Siberia-themed party and photography exhibition was a sell-out success bringing together 225 friends, supporters and guests to a giant igloo-like marquee. All the funds raised during this event went towards supporting underprivileged and troubled women and girls from specialised residential homes in Singapore. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 3.12.09 pm.png
May 2015

SECRET LAND Fundraiser

Main Pic.jpg
Sept 2022

Kyrgyzstan Trek

On this expedition to Kyrgyzstan, WOAM's 11th to date, our independent, self-funded WOAM team of thirteen women from around the world trekked 150km on foot across mountainous landscapes at between 2,500m and 4,000m in elevation. During this breathtaking and challenging expedition, we've camped on the trail and stayed with local nomadic families in their yurts, experiencing their unique way of life in a fundraising effort (60,000 USD raised) to support women survivors of war and violence.

Nov 2017

Ethiopia Biking Expedition

Crossing the Danakil Depression on bikes had never been attempted before. We now understand why! It was the most gruelling expedition we’ve undertaken to-date, 200km in 6 days over contrasting terrain from sand, sulphuric acid and salt, to bush, lava and volcanic rock with debilitating temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees C. at midday. This expedition has raised funds to support our long term partner charity Women for Women International and their work with women survivors of violence and war.

May 2017

Buthan SUP Expedition

Our WOAM team of 11 intrepid ladies officially became the first SUP team to travel to this hidden Himalayan Kingdom and to claim the first descent of two of its rivers. The expedition’s objective was to raise awareness and funds for RENEW, a charity founded by the Queen Mother of Bhutan, dedicated to the empowerment of women and children, with specific attention to survivors of domestic violence and sexual and gender based violence.

March 2016

Cambodia Biking Expedition

During this first WOAM mini-expedition to Cambodia, 14 ladies undertook a 4-day challenging cycling trip through the amazing landscape of Siem Reap in support of Sala Baï, a school that helps fight poverty and human trafficking by providing professional training and job opportunities for young, underprivileged women.

WOAM Indonesia -192.jpg
Nov 2019

Indonesia Jungle Trek

Imagine a place with no mobile network, no electricity, and no cash economy. A place where people only use what they find in the jungle and even then, ask permission to its spirits before they take what they need. This off the beaten path jungle trekking expedition with the Sakkudei tribe at Siberut Island was real, raw and humbling. Our self-funded team has raised over S$60,000 for Women for Women International and their programmes championing women survivors of war around the world.

Nov 2017


After completing our Ethiopia Danakil Depression crossing, our team flew directly to neighbouring Rwanda, to see first-hand the work of Women for Women International - UK (WfWI), the charity we have been supporting for over five years. We raise and donate between USD50,000 and USD100,000 annually to WfWI allowing over 800 women each year to go through such a programme in Rwanda and other war-torn regions where WfWI operates

Nov 2106

Iran Desert Crossing

Our WOAM team of 12 women has successfully crossed the Lut Desert of Iran, becoming the first all-female team in history to do so.  We walked the 200km expanse of unforgiving desert terrain on foot in seven days. In addition to the tough physical challenge we are proud to have reached our US$100,000 fundraising target to support women survivors of war and violence.

Nov 2015

Siberia Nomadic Expedition

Our team of nine women just got back from our most extraordinary and demanding expedition to date, from the Yamal peninsula of Siberia. We shared the daily life of the nomadic Nenets reindeer herders and truly challenged ourselves in support of our chosen charities.

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