In May 2016 Women on a Mission organised its first mini-expedition to Cambodia, raising awareness and funds for Sala Bai. Sala Bai offers disadvantaged youth a chance to receive a free 11-month training course at their school, plus a guaranteed job at their partner hotels upon graduation. 

We are thrilled to have raised over $16,000 SGD for the students of Sala Baï Hotel & Restaurant School through this campaign. We are told that in terms of impact we have directly changed the lives of 18 Cambodians, most of whom are women, the most vulnerable members of society (see letter below).


The vocational training taught at Sala Baï is clearly one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways of fighting poverty and human trafficking at the grass roots level.


Set up in 2002 by the French NGO ‘Agir pour le Cambodge,’ Sala Baï trains more than 100 students per year, 70 percent of whom are women between the ages 17 and 23. As of today, the school has delivered unparalleled results: in 13 years, over 1,300 students graduated, and 100 percent were employed within four weeks after graduation. Earning, on average, three times their monthly household income post graduation, the lives of these young adults and their families are changed forever.


100% of your donation will go to support our current campaign which aims to raise funds for women survivors of war via the charity Women for Women International. 

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