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Our expeditions and events have raised well over USD 1,400,000 to support women victims of war, violence and abuse. 


Our strategy is to focus on what we do best, fundraising, and to collaborate very closely with other organisations that have a presence and the expertise on the grounds. Our partners are well-established non-profit institutions that have very good programmes and structures in place dedicated to serving the underprivileged and empower girls and women to secure a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.


Our commitment to these organisations and the women they support is only made possible by your generous sponsorship.


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We have raised over S$ 500,000 to support organisations that advance the position of women around the world. 

We have raised over 

US$1,400,000 to support 

organisations that advance the position of women around the world. 

We support ou local community

WOAM is determined to making a difference in our own community and has partnered with Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls here in Singapore.


We are active through both fundraising events and the personal involvement of our teammates on the grounds.

We support our local community

WOAM is determined to making a difference in our own community and has partnered with Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls here in Singapore.

WOAM has put in place long-term mentoring programmes, helping women and girls at Pertapis regain confidence, hope and a purpose in life. By setting up and funding a series of sustainable programmes focused on art therapy, yoga, public speaking and other leadership development and life-skills courses, we aim to be a catalyst in the community.

We support organisations that advance the position of women in their countries


The WOAM Bhutan expedition’s objective is to raise awareness and funds for RENEW, a charity founded by the Queen Mother of Bhutan, which is dedicated to the empowerment of women and children, with specific attention to survivors of domestic violence and sexual and gender based violence.

RENEW is the first and only organisation of its kind in Bhutan committed to forging a better understanding of the circumstances causing domestic violence, sexual and gender-based violence and gender inequalities at all levels of society. Through their multi-layered services, they provide a wide range of care and support for women, men and children impacted by such violence and inequalities. “RENEW is dedicated to ensuring that the rights of women and families remain a priority” stated Ms. Dolma, President of the RENEW Working Committee Board, “and we are delighted that WOAM has decided to support us through their newest humanitarian mission”.


During our visit to Tehran our team had the opportunity to witness first-hand the amazing work carried out by the OMID Foundation in supporting abused and vulnerable young women (aged from 15 to 25) in Iran and helping them to achieve self-awareness, self-determination and self-sufficiency in modern Iranian society.

Attending the OMID comprehensive and holistic program strengthens the social, emotional, and economic competencies

of disadvantaged young women in Iran, providing them with a sense of self-worth and with the opportunities to experience a full range of life options through self-empowerment, education and training.


Women LEAD is the first and only leadership development organisation for young women in Nepal. The program trains 30 girls annually, who in turn train another 250 girls and boys in communities. Thus far, 650 leaders have graduated from the LEAD program.


WOAM has run several interactive workshops for the girls of Women LEAD in Kathmandu Nepal on the following topics: leadership, entrepreneurship, gender equality and conflict resolution.


Our Cambodia expedition and associated event was organised in support of SALA BAI


Every year, Sala Baï Hotel and Restaurant School trains more than 100 underprivileged young Cambodians students in hospitality. Priority is given to girls (70%) who are the more vulnerable and with the lower access to education.

Vocational training is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of fighting poverty and human trafficking and in its 14 years of operation SALA BAI has trained over 1300 students who have subsequently found a job in the hospitality industry, the most dynamic economic sector of the country, enabling them to achieve economic independence and improve their family life conditions.


Aidha is a Singapore NGO empowering domestic workers through skills like financial literacy and entreprenuership. Aidha has changed the lives of 2,708 Foreign Domestic Workers since 2006. 7 in 10 Aidha students start a business or invest in land, buildings and livestock. As a way to support Aidha’s efforts, some of our WOAM members conduct leadership and entrepreneurship workshops every other weekend during a year-long programme.

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