Founding partners

Valerie, Karine and Christine


Women on a Mission (WOAM) is a non-profit organisation, headquartered in Singapore, which aims to raise awareness and funds for women survivors of war and to support and empower women who have been subjected to violence and abuse. 

Our strategy is to organise and promote a yearly campaign and a challenging expedition - self-funded by each participant - to increase visibility, and to raise money for our chosen charities. We partner with existing well-established non-profit institutions that already have well-run programmes and structures in place dedicated to serving the underprivileged with a particular focus on women's issues. 


Building on our success, our goal is to raise SGD 2 million by 2022. When women come together and are passionate about a cause, extraordinary things can happen!


Valerie Boffy

Valerie Boffy


We aren't getting paid to do this. Instead, we are just like you, ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things. We firmly believe we should do our part to help people in need, and as a result contribute to making this world a better place. In our hearts, we know we can make a difference, one person at a time. 

WOAM Founding Partner

Business Partner, Adventurer and Philanthropist


"I am a strong believer that life is a succession of opportunities which we seize or not and these choices define our life. I have been lucky to meet deeply inspiring people in my life and encouraged to pursue my dreams. Summiting Mount Everest was the most humbling adventure I have ever undertaken. At the top, I unfolded a message for all women fighting for their lives and dignity. At that moment I was able to combine my personal dream with answering a call. The call was to help women around the world who have not been as lucky as I am. That call became WOAM. I am so grateful and impressed by what our group of passionate driven women have accomplished in the past 4 years!"  

WOAM Founding Partner

Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant and Author


"I feel extremely fortunate to have found a way to bring together my passion for trekking and adventure, with my desire to support the less fortunate and empower women via WOAM. The wonderful thing for me is to realise that because I took a chance and did something outside of my comfort zone through WOAM, my life was enriched in countless ways. It ignited talents I didn’t even know I had. I believe that everyone has a distinct mission inside him or her, one that has the capacity to inspire. Setting up WOAM, has allowed me to find my 'blue flame' that intersection where passion and ability come together."

WOAM Founding Partner

Investment Banker turned Photographer and Curator

"I have the privilege of being well educated, well travelled and to have been given many opportunities in my life and careers. With this recognition comes a sense of responsibility to give back and in turn empower other women. Nothing has been more rewarding for me over the past few years than our achievements as WOAM. We challenge ourselves, physically pushing and redefining our own limits with each expedition and we work hard, as a team, putting our talents and energy to support and encourage other women on their journey towards emotional recovery and self-reliance."  

WOAM Partner

Entrepreneur and Event Organiser



Putting my expertise to use to support women's causes is an great source of pride for me. Standing up to make a difference is really a matter of choice and it is the choice I made when I joined WOAM. I cannot ignore the abject poverty and suffering of millions of women who have been - and are still being - abused and mistreated around the world. I am taking action in the most stimulating way, as part of a group of high-achieving women all putting their  talents and expertise towards helping others."






WOAM Partner

Early Childhood Educator and Teacher


"I never took for granted the fact that I was born and raised in a country at peace where everyone has access to a good education and throughout my life, my professional and personal engagements have always focused on empowering those going through challenges and hardship. I have worked extensively with special needs children and adolescents with social integration difficulties and deep psychological issues, due to abuse and mistreatment and volunteered my time with charities supporting underprivileged children and women. My involvement with WOAM is the opportunity to pursue this life-long engagement and to support women who have been subject to violence and war to regain self-confidence and build a positive future for themselves and their children.

WOAM Partner

Banker turned Venture Capital Investor and Adventurer


Health, safe environment for our children, clean water and regular meals – in today’s world these basic tenets of happiness are often taken for granted. Participating in WOAM expeditions brings an overwhelming sense of gratitude and impresses an urgency to help less fortunate women overcome, excel and thrive. Going through the physical and mental challenge of an expedition forges our inner strength and resourcefulness, yet we are humbled by the strength and perseverance of the people we meet living in extreme conditions. They inspire us to be kinder in our everyday lives, help those near us a and look for small ways to give back some of the happiness we’ve been lucky to receive. What better way to set an example for our children?


Our teamates put a wealth of professional experience at the service of WOAM. They are happy to share their career and charitable achievements with corporate and non-profit partners through inspirational talks and workshops. 


For every campaign we are lucky to have the support of some amazing women. Some have been part of our expeditions and events since the very beginning and are an integral part of our success while others join us whenever their life commitments allow them to do so. All of them are united by their own personal drive to make a difference in the lives of other, less privileged women. We are immensely grateful to all these wonderful friends for their invaluable contribution to WOAM's achievements .

Trekking & Riding Mongolia 2018

Aline Abramczyk

Linda Conway Baigrie

Muriel Bauer

Barbara Fras

Claire Floriet

Katrine Friis Olsen

Iza-Menni Laaberki

Karine Lewkowicz 

Corinna Lim

Ada Loi

Enkhtur Maini

Anastasia Mytnik-Gonta

Nadège Winter

Moutain Biking

Ethiopia 2018

Sue Fuller-Good

Pritika Gupta

 Jakki Harrison

Jenny Laing

Vittoria Zipoli

 Stand Up Paddle

Bhutan 2017

Stella Chow 

Foana Fong 

Ann Gacutan

Maysoune Ghobash 

Celine Hivet 

Veronica Landry

Sakshi Soni 

Michi Calica Sotto

Marjolein Van Paridon

Candina Weston 

Winnie Wong


Desert Crossing 

Iran 2016

Sarah Butler 

Maggie Cooper

Tara Derakshan

Adelaida (Adel) Hassan

Iza- Menni Laaberki

Jenny Laing 

Sandra Lim 

Milena Nikolova

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani 

Cycling Cambodia


Tanya Watia

Savana Peetoom

Maida de Vega-Pierret

Mouna Aouri

Lisa Crosswhite

Jasvinder Kaur

Dr Grace Moshi

Haylena Krishnamoorthy

Sarissa Rodriguez Schwartz

Karin Majdalany

Adelene Fong

Rachel Kelly

Nomadic Siberia 


Charmian Grove

Christine Mills

Erin Sandral

Haylena Mk

Maysoune Ghobash

Neena Ali

Tsum Valley Trek

Nepal 2014

Alexandra Pijuna-Tinker

Catherine Zaccaria

Corinna Lim

Marjolein can Paridon

Selina McCole

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani

Rock Climbing

Jordan 2013

Catherine Zaccaria

Chin Fee Chen

Devika Tay

Erin Sandral

Linda Woodford

Muriel Bauer

Neena Ali

Paige Okun

Everest Base Camp

Nepal 2012

Catherine Zaccaria

Emily Teng  

Hermine Matzer van Bloois

Jacqueline Lee Detert

Maysoune Ghobash

Michelle Martins

Neena Ali

Jacqueline (Jackie) Wong



Women on a Mission is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee registered in Singapore under UEN: 201308270D

A Public Company Limited by Guarantee is one that carries out non-profit making activities that have some basis of national or public interest - it is essentially a non-profit structure, because profits cannot be redistributed to directors - although it is different from having "charity status", which requires that an organisation run multiple charitable programmes in Singapore. 

Women on a Mission's Principal Activities Under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) are listed as: "Charitable and Other Supporting Activities Aimed at Humanitarian Work (88992)" and incorporate activities such as volunteering, mentoring, fundraising, awareness building and advocacy.


100% of your donation will go to support our current campaign which aims to raise funds for women survivors of war via the charity Women for Women International. 

Please visit our fundraising page:



Join an expedition or volunteer with WOAM. For every campaign we are lucky to have the support of amazing volunteers. We are immensely grateful to all these wonderful women for their contribution to WOAM's achievements.


Over 40 companies and organisations have partnered with us, donated and sponsored our initiatives and events since 2012. Get in touch to discuss sponsorship opportunities or to organise a tailor-made workshop.