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The Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) is a non-governmental organisation concerned with promoting gender equality. It is Singapore's leading gender equality advocacy group. They do this through Research & Advocacy, Education and Training and Support Services. 

"Women on a Mission have been a supportive and inspiring partner. They are sincere and enthusiastic in their support of women's causes and leverage on their networks and talents to make a difference to their selected charities. They are wonderful human beings who inspire me with their can-do spirit to embark on challenging expeditions to the less travelled parts of the globe."


Corinna Lim, Executive Director, AWARE

WOAM works with Aware to help raise the awareness of the importance of gender equality in Singapore. We believe that each of us can contribute to changing the status quo by taking small actions in our everyday lives to overcome inequality, injustice and discrimination.


The Programme

We Can! is a people-to-people campaign that works through Change Makers – individuals who commit to taking steps in their own lives to end violence. With the understanding that small actions make big changes, the campaign looks to build a gender-equal society by starting with equal relationships.


Shake up social attitudes and beliefs that tolerate violence against women

Join hands with various communities willing to work towards a violence-free society

Reach out to individual Change Makers who embrace a violence-free life and encourage others to do the same

The results

The We Can Campaign was launched in South Asia in 2004. It has since signed up 3.7 millionpeople across 6 countries to the Campaign.

Almost all Change Makers interviewed (91%) showed change at some level due to activities of the We Can Campaign.



Part of the We Can! Campaign, the Changemarkers workshops are forums where people from all walks of life meet and explore ideas, share experiences and discuss existing patterns of belief in our society that tolerate inequality and violence against women.

Be a Changemaker, contact us to join a workshop 

Through our fundraising, we support AWARE's Sexual Assault Care Centre, which provides crisis counselling, and assistance for women victims of rape and sexual harassment in Singapore.

1 in 10 women in Singapore has experienced physical violence or abuse by a male.

6 in 10 victims of violence in Singapore suffer repeated victimisation.

More than 70% of such cases in Singapore are not reported to the police.

More than 2 cases a week reach AWARE’s Sexual Assault Befrienders Service.

Over 20 years of calls to Aware's helpline for women showed the need for a specialised service. Aware's Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC), provides an unique holistic support for sexual assault victims in Singapore. Experienced counsellors and well-trained volunteers are available to help women resolve a life crisis, deal with a painful past, adjust to changed circumstances or seek out new directions. Befrienders will accompany a sexual assault victim to the police, the hospital or to court, to provide information and support.

We are committed to supporting our local community and women who, although living in the same country like us, are not granted the safety, freedom and choices we all too often take for granted.



WOAM and some of their supporters at our first Change Makers workshop at AWARE

Corina Lim (Aware), Mrinalini Venkatachalam (UN Women) and WOAM co-funders Valerie, Karine and Christine.

A Change Makers workshop organised in partnership with Aware for WOAM's supporters

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