WOAM is determined to make a difference in our own community and has partnered with Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls in Singapore. We are active through both fundraising events and the personal involvement of our teammates on the ground.

PERTAPIS Centre for Women and Girls (PCWG) was established in 1990 to provide residential care for those who are from dysfunctional families and are in need of shelter, care and protection, are beyond parental control or are in conflict with the law.

With a capacity of 100, PCWG is home for young female persons from 14 to 21 years old.

Pertapis Programmes: 

Back-to-School series:

To assist those who are not in mainstream schools

Parenting talks:

To encourage parent-child bonding


To encourage the sharing of emotions and coping with them

Self-development sessions:

that includes moral education, self-reflection, anger management, health & wellness, sexuality, smoking and dealing with grief & loss

Practical life skills:
to prepare for work life such as grooming courses, home economics and IT courses

Confidence Building projects: 
to boost sense of self-worth like The Rising Star Project and My Beautiful Life

Our Impact: 

Fund raising Progamme: Funds raised during our May 2016 FROZEN event went to support our collaboration with Pertapis 

Art Therapy Programme: On the grounds we have just launched an Arts Therapy programme to help the women and girls in their care regain confidence, hope and a purpose in life.

Speakers and Mentors Programme: We hope to inspire and empower the women and girls by bringing motivational speakers, certified psychologists and high achieving role models from amongst our wide WOAM supporter base. 

Fittings Enhancement Programme: Paint brushes and screw drivers in hands our WOAM teammates undertook the renovation of the home's common room. Some of the girls from the home came in to help us as we were working and were delighted to find books and boardgames in the brand new bookshelf we had just assembled. It was a special bonding time for us all. 


100% of your donation will go to support our current campaign which aims to raise funds for women survivors of war via the charity Women for Women International. 

Please visit our fundraising page:



Join an expedition or volunteer with WOAM. For every campaign we are lucky to have the support of amazing volunteers. We are immensely grateful to all these wonderful women for their contribution to WOAM's achievements.


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