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WOAM Big Sister Program with PERTAPIS

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PERTAPIS Centre for Women and Girls (PCWG) was established in 1990 to provide residential care for those who are from dysfunctional families and are in need of shelter, care and protection, are beyond parental control or are in conflict with the law. With a capacity of 100, PCWG is home for young female persons from 14 to 21 years old.


Their programmes include: 

  • Back-to-School series: To assist those who are not in mainstream schools

  • Parenting talks: To encourage parent-child bonding

  • Counselling: To encourage the sharing of emotions and coping with them

  • Self-development sessions: that includes moral education, self-reflection, anger management, health & wellness, sexuality, smoking and dealing with grief & loss

  • Practical life skills: To prepare for work-life such as grooming courses, home economics and IT courses

  • Confidence Building projects: To boost a sense of self-worth like The Rising Star Project and My Beautiful Life

WOAM Big Sisters Mentorship Programme

WOAM has partnered with Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls in Singapore. We are active through both fundraising events and the personal involvement of our teammates on the ground.

WOAM has set up a Big Sisters’ Programme to support the young women and girls at Pertapis Home. Over the last 3 years, 35 big sisters have committed to act as mentors for a minimum of a year to their 35 little sisters at the shelter. Our big sisters aim to support the social workers in their mission with their young residents, by providing further guidance and encouragement. 

We have organised many workshops and outings such as: 

  • cupcake and gingerbread house making workshops 

  • Dance lessons

  • Fashion show events

  • Bowling outings

  • dance parties

  • Yoga classes

  • Crepe making afternoons 

  • Swiming parties

  • Coding lessons at Microsoft

  • Sketching and drawing lessons


Become a WOAM Big Sister

- Participants need to be over 18 years old, Female and a Resident of Singapore.

- Time Commitment: We ask for a commitment of 1-year minimum because the girls get very attached to their WOAM Big Sisters, and it would be heartbreaking for them if the involvement was only for a few months. Total commitment is 2 hours over the weekend, every other weekend, for a period of one year.


- There is flexibly in the scheduling and allowance for times when Big Sister needs to travel for work or for family holidays, but being a good mentor is a real commitment. If you’re offering to help someone you need to follow through with that promise by being there for them when needed. 


To apply please contact 


A programme supported by a professional psychotherapist 

Each year, WOAM recruits and trains new big sisters thanks to the support of an experienced, professional Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Muriel Bauer, who is also one of our dedicated WOAM Partners.


Muriel raises awareness of the little sisters' particular psychological needs and coaches the big sisters on building a supportive relationship where the young women and girls feel accepted and valued for who they are. 


For more information on Muriel's practice:

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