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In April 2017 our WOAM team of 11 intrepid ladies undertook yet another pioneering expedition on Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) across the Kingdom of Bhutan. The team raised awareness and funds for RENEW, a charity founded by the Queen Mother of Bhutan, which is dedicated to the empowerment of women and children, with specific attention to survivors of domestic violence and sexual and gender based violence.

"Violence against women and girls through physical, sexual, psychological and economic abuse is one of the most widespread violations of human rights. It cuts across age, race, culture, status and geography. All forms of violence against women visibly reduce potential human capacity, hamper productivity and undermine sustainable economic growth.

 A few individuals and organisations alone cannot achieve ending violence against women and girls. It requires a collective effort at the local, regional and global levels to achieve this monumental task.

 I am delighted that "Women On A Mission"(WOAM) has come forward to render their support to RENEW -Gawailing Happy Home (GHH). It is encouraging to know that RENEW is partnering with organisations within the region and I strongly believe that through meaningful collaborative efforts we can work towards achieving a violence free society.”


The Queen Mother of Bhutan

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