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WOAM announces its 2024 Arctic Kayaking Expedition

Tailored for the courageous at heart, this expedition-style journey is a deep dive into the Arctic's untouched splendor. Envision kayaking along unspoiled shorelines, surrounded by the thunderous collapse of ice falls and the keen cries of Arctic terns. Glide among vivid blue icebergs and through the chill of polar waters, all within some of the planet's most stunning vistas.


For this next expedition, its 13th to date, Women on a Mission (WOAM) is inviting 11 women from around the world from August 30th, 2024 to September 10th, 2024 to navigate the Norwegian Svalbard Archipelago, formerly called Spitsbergen through Tryhggamna, Ymerbukta,Nansen, Bore, Wahlenberg, and Svéa—six distinct glaciers, each unfolding its own set of challenges and breathtaking wonders.


The self-funded mission team will kayak up to 25km daily and engage in hikes that can extend up to 6 hours, under days that stretch to 18-19 hours!

The expedition’s objective is to raise $50,000 USD for 2 outstanding charities.  Our longstanding partner Women for Women International – UK, an organisation that works with some of the most marginalised women in the world helping them to transform their lives.  And for the first time WOAM is proud to support, a renowned mental health aid organization focusing on direct intervention, providing mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) in disaster risk response. Join Women on a Mission and Humanity Crew on this life-changing expedition, where every paddle stroke in the Arctic waters is a step towards healing hearts and rebuilding lives.


More Than Just Kayaking

Beyond the thrill of kayaking, adventurers will immerse themselves in the wild, camping under the stars in the Earth's most secluded beauties, hiking through virgin wilderness,

and braving the elements. This once-in-a-lifetime journey promises not just to approach the North Pole but to touch the essence of the Arctic itself.


A True Expedition Spirit

In the spirit of true exploration, participants will dive into every aspect of the adventure—no porters, cooks, or waiters here. Each member becomes a crucial part of the team, contributing to setting camps, cooking, kayak loading, and even fetching  water, making this journey not just an adventure but a deeply fulfilling experience.


Bear Watch: A Unique Twist

A standout feature of this expedition is the 'bear watch.' As we venture into territories frequented by polar bears, team members will rotate in pairs for vigilance throughout the day and night, ensuring the group's safety and tranquility.


Our expedition partner 66° North

For this exceptional expedition, WOAM is partnering with 66° North, a team of polar land experts specialised in bespoke polar adventures and intimate group experiences since 1998. With operations rooted deeply in the regions they explore, 66° North crafts each journey meticulously from start to finish, ensuring direct and personal experiences without the need for intermediaries. This hands-on approach grants them unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and adaptability. 66° North designs its adventures with upmost attention to nature preservation and a commitment to respect local communities.

About the charities we partner with for this expedition:

Women For Women International UK

Women for Women International champions equality by supporting women survivors of war and conflict. Since 1993, our global community has invested in the power of over 550,000 women across 17 conflict-affected countries, to create a ripple effect that makes the world more equal, peaceful, and prosperous. Through the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Programme, women gain skills to rebuild their lives and communities in countries including Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, and South Sudan. Participants form support networks, learn income-generating skills, and advocate for their rights, creating sustainable change. The goal for the next decade is to expand this impact, aiming for a world where all women achieve their full potential. For more information, visit

Humanity Crew  

Humanity Crew specializes in mental health and psychological support/services for people in crises, offering timely psychological interventions and training. They focus on the critical "golden hour"—the initial hours after trauma—to reshape memories and prevent long-term psychological issues. Their methods emphasize gender, cultural, and linguistic sensitivity, engaging a broad network of mental health first-responders, including professionals, aid workers, volunteers and affected communities, to ensure those affected receive the necessary support.


For more information and to sign up, please contact:

Women On A Mission :  /  @woamsingapore

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