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WOAM partners with Humanity Crew to train volunteers on mental health first aid.

We're thrilled to introduce a significant new partnership with, an NGO dedicated to providing Psychological First Aid and Mental Health Support to displaced communities.

This collaboration opens up a unique opportunity for those interested to join Humanity Crew circle of volunteers and receive specialised training in Mental Health and Psychological First Aid. Our trained teammates will become part of Humanity Crew’s first responders, offering critical support in the aftermath of disasters or conflicts. Our involvement starts now and can really change lives.

Our first Training Workshop will take place in Barcelona on April 23-24th, 2024.

Remote participation is available for those who can't attend in person.

Training will be carried in person by Felicity Butterly PhD, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Director with Humanity Crew

More about Humanity Crew:

Humanity Crew specialises in mental health and psychological support/services for people in crises, offering timely psychological interventions and training. They focus on the critical "golden hour"—the initial hours after trauma—to reshape memories and prevent long-term psychological issues. Their methods emphasize gender, cultural, and linguistic sensitivity, engaging a broad network of mental health first-responders, including professionals, aid workers, volunteers and affected communities, to ensure those affected receive the necessary support.

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